Steve Cruz Statement

The bulk of my work is about sin and the consequences that result from sin. The conflicts that emerge from the struggle between lust and desire and virtue I find endlessly inspiring. The characters that I paint are also constantly redefining themselves between maleness and femaleness. This is another part of the universal dilemma that the gods find chronically amusing. My work is rooted in the flaws and frailty of the flesh but not the tragic drama of it. I prefer to use humor to convey my intentions which is not about being less serious but about being less somber. I also have a maximilist approach to my work as opposed to a minimalist approach. I enjoy filling the eyeball up and provoking a sensual response. Intense colors and patterns are like the rhythmic bottom that I improvise over. I have been inspired by the usual decadent art sources, anything greasy and crazy and soulful. And that is what I strive for in art, not perfection but that precarious ebullient balance between sex and soul. 

Steve Cruz